Miracle on the Seas

More than one year ago, the Fergusons booked a family cruise to get away and awaited for Spring Break 2019 to arrive so they could sail away on the high seas.  They had a great time but the best part — a miracle on the seas!

One evening, they were sitting outside on the deck of the ship visiting with another couple when a waitress came up to check on everyone. Looking closer, the Fergusons noticed her name tag said she was from Zimbabwe. They told her they had been to her beautiful country and all about the different cities and things they had seen. As the conversation continued, she asked why Zimbabwe? The Fergusons told her Alyssa’s story about her illness, her Make A Wish, and the first water well.

Then the question: “Have you ever heard of the village called Murehwa? That is where the well is.”

The answer: “I am from Murehwa!”

Everyone present started crying. It was a miracle on the seas! Far from Zimbabwe and far from America, in the middle of the ocean on a ship full of thousands, God brought hearts together. Meet Annah from Murehwa….

Annah Breakaway NCL

2 thoughts on “Miracle on the Seas

  1. Tonda Kuhn says:

    I love how God just keeps bringing those glimpses for you guys of how He’s using Alyssa’s life. She is still changing the world, and even as much as you miss her, I know your hearts swell to see the beauty she left behind and how it’s affecting the world. Our Father is so very good and faithful. Blessings to you sweet friends.


  2. Katrice says:

    Tears, chills, tears, chills!!!!! Some might some unbelievable…but I’m a faith filled Christian. While out on the big open seas, the three of you crossed paths with someone from Murehwa!! Amaaaaazing & definitely God ordained!! Our God is such an awesome God!! We will never understand how He works but His blessings are always right on time!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful, beautiful story!


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