Fergusons Visit First Well


Today, the Ferguson family visited the well in Murehwa, Zimbabwe. The plan had always been for the family to go together after Alyssa got better. After her passing, the family still wanted to go and visit the first well that started the dream.

From the Ferguson Facebook page: “How do we describe today, the day we went to the village to see the very first well that began Alyssa’s dream and legacy of bringing water to people in need? Amazing. The school children, teachers, local pastor, and village chief gathered with us at the well. They were told Alyssa’s story in their Shona language. Scott, Sandy, and Jenna each had a chance to speak. There was a ceremonial pumping of the well. The children sang and performed traditional dances. We shared lunch together. We had a private time with just the three of us around the well. We shared tea in a kitchen hut. But most of all, God was praised by the children, teachers, and Alyssa’s story. They are keeping a picture of Alyssa and using her story to teach the children that they too can make a difference. There is no electricity, yet tons of energy. Emotional yet powerful day.”

THANK YOU for being a part of the Alyssa Ferguson World Changers Fund.

Zim well pumping

Documentary About Alyssa Wins People’s Choice Award

A documentary by Ridge Point High School students Kaitlin Catuiza, Kathleen Cruz, and Sneha Joseph earned the People’s Choice Award and also tied for First Place Documentary at the third annual Fort Bend ISD Film Festival. “World Changers: The Alyssa Ferguson Story” focuses on the legacy that freshman Ferguson left behind after losing her battle to cancer last year. The documentary also won first prize in its category. The Fergusons were deeply touched by the film and grateful to these students for telling Alyssa’s story in such a powerful way. Congratulations, girls!

FOX26 News Beautifully Tells Alyssa’s Story After Her Passing

After Alyssa’s passing, FOX26 News beautifully told Alyssa’s story of faith and service.

Watch the story below.


Or read the story and see photos on the Fox26 website.

U.S. Rep. Pete Olson Honors Alyssa’s Memory from the House Floor

pete olson

U.S. Representative Pete Olson who once shared Alyssa’s story to his fellow colleagues in the House, shared that Alyssa passed away and honored her by having her passing entered into the Congressional Record.

His statement reads:

(Mr. OLSON asked and was given permission
to address the House for 1
minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. OLSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
with hope, thanks, and renewed faith. I
am joyful because of a young lady from
home, Alyssa Ferguson. She was born
on January 7, 2002.
Two days after her 12th birthday,
Alyssa was told that she had a tumor
the size of a baseball in her brain. She
did not flinch; she fought—six brain
surgeries, three rounds of radiation,
and nine rounds of chemotherapy.
On January 26, our angel used her
wings to fly to God. She always had
those wings the entire time she was
with us here on Earth. She used her
dying wish to have a water well dug in
a small town in Africa. Extraordinary.
If you close your eyes, you can feel
Alyssa’s spirit.
Welcome home, Alyssa.”

Click here to view the Congressional Record entry.