Humanitarian Award Named in Honor of Alyssa

Three years ago, Alyssa received the first ever humanitarian award at her school — Baines Middle School. Last night at the middle school awards ceremony, it was announced that they have now renamed the award to be officially called the Alyssa Ferguson Humanitarian Award. We are so proud of Alyssa for receiving the very first award. And we are so grateful to Baines for renaming the award in her memory. Congratulations to last night’s award winner! We look forward to hearing how future award winners are being World Changers and making an impact.


3 Wells Provided in Myanmar


The Alyssa Ferguson World Changers Fund is excited to announce that three water wells will be established in villages in Myanmar in honor of Alyssa’s legacy. These wells have generously been provided by a private donor. This donor is one whom Alyssa and the Ferguson family met during treatment at MD Anderson. This kind donor and Alyssa became very close and had a special bond. They would see each other frequently as the donor was often at the hospital being a caretaker for their own ill family member.

Myanmar is formerly known as Burma. The construction of each of the three wells is being coordinated by a missionary and each well will be located near a church.

Because of their generosity, water will flow for three more villages in Myanmar and Alyssa’s legacy and dream is that much furthered. Most of all, God is honored.

FOX26 News Beautifully Tells Alyssa’s Story After Her Passing

After Alyssa’s passing, FOX26 News beautifully told Alyssa’s story of faith and service.

Watch the story below.

Or read the story and see photos on the Fox26 website.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation Honors Alyssa as One of Their Angels

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a foundation that raises money for pediatric cancer research, recently honored Alyssa as one of their Angels. Angels are children who has passed from cancer.

Family friend Glenn Jones has spent several years participating in a fundraising event that requires him to shave his head. He has raised many dollars for cancer research and has done so in honor of Alyssa. She and all of the Ferguson family have always been so appreciative of his dedication.

See what Glenn and St. Baldrick’s had to say in this online article.